ESTD 2015 

A Photo-Artist Forum


Member :  Federation of Indian Photography  


The object  and purpose of the trust is as follows :

  1. To Establish start, aid, run, maintain or manage Educational Institute for public useful benefit.
  2. To promote and encourage advancement of literary, cultural, photography & scientific education.
  3. To collect and preserve photography, painting, works of Art,
  4. To help the aged, sick, helpless and indigent persons.
  5. To set up a public, charitable and non-profit making institution for promoting furthering, encouraging and advance interest, education and active involvement in the field of arts like photography, painting.
  6. To impart design courses for imparting education and training in visual arts, and to conduct and teach such courses.
  7. To organize or facilitate the holding of study tours, exhibitions, salons, shows, competitions, workshops, conferences, lectures, seminars etc, either on its own or in association with other institutions and organizations, with the object of imparting education in the scientific and cultural aspects of visual arts.
  8. To grant scholarships, stipends, prizes, awards, and other aids and incentives to needy students and or promising talents in the fields of arts